Vegetarian Weekend Brunch- Singapore

Weekend Brunches are quite a rage in the little Red Dot and there are scrumptious treats for vegetarians if you love eggs, dairy or a great lacto-ovo combo. Here are the vegetarian weekend warriors!

Hong Kong: Veggie Wonderland

Hong Kong is a vegetarian wonderland, and offers an explosion of culinary flavors from European to Traditional Chinese cuisine. Read more…

Indian Vegetarian Favorites: SG

The first Indian settlers in Singapore arrived almost 200 years ago, so you can imagine the abundance of Indian restaurants. Here are the winners for authentic dosas, naans, curries and chaat (street food). You will go back for more.

Luang Prabang: Melting pot of vegetarian flavors

Luang Prabang: This little town nestled in the valley at the confluence of Namkhan and the mighty Mekong is famous for its gilded Buddhist temples. It’s also the ultimate confluence of French, Thai and Laotian gastronomy.

Koh Samui: The green side

Koh Samui is a heavenly destination for anyone seeking adventure, relaxation and above all culinary delights. Over a weekend in Samui, here’s what we discovered…

Phuket Vegetarian Discoveries

Perhaps as Thailand’s most popular party destination, Phuket has no dearth of spas, resorts and fantastic food. Here’s a pick of a few must do’s on the food trail over a weekend in Phuket

Festive Season Special: Organic Carrot Almond Halwa

Organic Carrot Halwa This dessert recipe makes 8 portions Ingredients 1 kg organic carrots 20g low-fat Butter/ Margarine (Lurpak used in this recipe) 50g Demerera brown sugar 100g sliced almonds 10 cardamoms pods 50 ml low-fat milk Other dry fruits for garnish (optional) Method Grate the carrots preferably in a food processor. Peel cardamom pods and…

Pocket Friendly Thai: Singapore

Thai food is certainly one of my favorites with an abundance of vegetables and fresh colorful flavors that have universal appeal. Jai Thai / Jai Siam chain of restaurants in Singapore have made Thai cuisine extremely affordable and therefore more yummy. Apart from all time favorites like the Papaya, Mango Salad, spring rolls, and the quintessential Red…